Fires Happen Fast.
We Detect Faster

Never before has there been a smoke alarm as fast as ours.
When split seconds matter, we alert the people who matter.



In a fire or carbon monoxide emergency, seconds matter. Wherever you are in the world, we alert you fast.



If there's a tornado, earthquake or forest fire, we alert you. When it comes to safety, Birdi is your go-to.


False Alarms

Why do most smoke alarms mimic the boy who cried wolf? We don't like nuisance chirps either.


How safe is my home?

Birdi has unique precision sensors that warn you before a problem so that you can fix the issue at the source. If the problem becomes an emergency, we'll notify you, your loved ones and the authorities to take care of you.

App Alerts + Quiet

Hush false alarms quickly & track emergencies anywhere in the world on the Birdi app or with Siri.

Heat + Freeze Alerts

Stop worrying about dangers to the pipes or in the attic. Plus we can save you money by integrating with your utility company.

Weather Emergencies

Extreme weather strikes suddenly so we alert you as fast as possible to prepare your family, pets and property.

Unique Smoke Sensor

Excels at detecting both fast-burning and smoldering fires, while minimizing false alarms from steam, cigarettes and, yes, even toast.

Advanced CO Tracking

Birdi is an industry-leader in warning you about low-levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) exposure.

Bank-level security

All communication between your Smart Detector and our cloud is AES 256-bit encrypted and authenticated.

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Emergency Concierge

Premium Service

Security Concierge

If we detect an emergency, we can call the authorities on your behalf. On vacation, phone out of batteries or stuck in a meeting? Our call center is always there to protect your home. By speeding up response times and ensuring the reliability of alarms, our Security Concierge Service ensures your valuables are safe and firefighters' lives are protected.

Advanced features
24/7 Coverage
satisfaction guaranteed
Additional Protection

Per Month

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30-Day Free Trial Included


Emergency 911 Dispatch

Not home? In an emergency, we’ll call 911 on your behalf. Our automated system speeds up response time when it matters most.


Automatic Battery Refills

No more 2am chirps. If the battery is low, we’ll simply mail you new ones at no extra cost.


Landline Phone Backup

Have kids or elderly family living at home? We can call landlines to guide them through an emergency.


Neighborhood Health & Safety Reports

Are there crimes & other emergencies nearby? And how does my air quality compare to my neighbors? Now you'll be in the know.