Track Your Environment,
Upgrade Your Health

Great air quality is key to a healthy life.
We help you maximize freshness every day.



Birdi detects what's in the air to help you avoid disease and health issues like allergy and asthma attacks.



By tracking and adjusting your climate we can help you have the coziest night of rest and even save you money on heating bills.



Carbon Monoxide and Stale Air CO2 can slow you down, causing headaches and dry eyes.


What's in my air outdoors + at home?

Our unique sensors give you precision insights on the most important parts of your environment. We go even further by gathering air quality info from trusted sources around the world. Birdi learns your conditions to give you personalized tips on how to improve your air.

Stale Air CO2

Without clean air to keep you alert, a buildup of stale air CO2 can cause headaches and grogginess.

Small Particulate PM2.5

Fine dust travels deep into lungs and can trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.


What’s outside can travel inside and cause an allergic reaction.

Toxic Fumes

Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals in furniture and cleaning products that cause skin and respiratory irritation

temperature & humidity

Too much or too little moisture leads to colds, skin irritation and the growth of dangerous molds. The perfect temperature can lead to a great night’s sleep. It’s about comfort as well as health.

ambient light & uv

High levels of light indoors can lead to poor sleep while exposure to excessive UV light rays outdoors can lead to skin cancer.

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Benefiting Humanity

Birdi is an avid supporter of the American Lung Association. Being serious about healthy and safer air means helping those who are leading the charge in supporting research in the field and they have consistently been a leader in the field.

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